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  1. Revisiting the Wheel of Time: Winter's Heart - Swan Tower
  2. Winter's Heart (Wheel of Time Series #9)
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Revisiting the Wheel of Time: Winter's Heart - Swan Tower

On May 21, In Reading Guide. With Luck, we will never know, one day Martin will surprise us by publishing one more book. Like I said, Jordan died before he could finish writing it. Brandon Sanderson was brought in to complete the series. The Wheel of Time is a complex and pretty massive story that takes place in a fantasy world where the Dark One is breaking free from his prison. Soon, He discovers that he can wield the power of the Aes Sedai, throwing his life and the lives of his friends into chaos.

The first three books formed a solid beginning.

Winter's Heart (Wheel of Time Series #9)

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Talene admits to being Black but also claims that Elaida is as well. Saerin, who has taken command of the investigation, refuses to believe the theory until hard proof is produced, since it was Elaida herself who set Pevara and Seaine on this task. They make Talene re-swear the Three Oaths on the Oath Rod and also swear oaths of allegiance to them. They will give them enough numbers to seek out all the members of the Black Ajah in the Tower. In Caemlyn Elayne is feeling under great pressure.

Though Dyelin is backing her claim to the Lion Throne, many of the noble houses formerly supporting her are now switching allegiances to other Houses. Elayne will have an uphill battle to secure her claim. At the moment her writ extends barely five miles from Caemlyn itself. Dyelin dislikes the idea of using foreigners to guard the Queen but the proper number of guardsmen in the city is far too low to adequately defend it from attack. Merilille is being run ragged teaching the Windfinders what they want to know. Elayne is far too busy to deal with such matters and Vandene is still greiving for Adeleas, as well as teaching two of the Kin who have been permitted to become Aes Sedai novices again.

The Windfinders decline the invitation.

See a Problem?

Taim is unrepentant but agrees to let supervised visits to the Tower take place. Elayne is suddenly summoned by the Aiel on a matter that cannot wait. However, she has to go to the Aiel to carry out an important ceremony: the adopting of herself and Aviendha as first-sisters. This actually turns out to be a ceremony involving the One Power, bonding herself and Aviendha together. Gabrelle claims it is to gain information on him but Toveine is sickened by the idea.

She and Gabrelle observe that there are two distinct factions gathering pace in the town, one following Logain and the other following Taim. Two boys have so far been found with the ability, but since both are younger than 14 there is some dispute over the moral right of teaching them. Gabrelle and Toveine are banished inside the house whilst Logain mulls the matter over. Inside Gabrelle tells Toveine that Logain found their written orders from Elaida ordering them to still every male channeller they encountered in direct violation of Tower law, but burned the papers rather than expose them.

The two Aes Sedai decide to contact the other forty-nine Aes Sedai being held prisoner and find some way around the bond and the oaths in order to escape. Lord Taborwin arrives with updated news reports. Rand prepares three documents for Taborwin to deliver. The first makes Dobraine Taborwin himself Steward of Cairhien. The second makes Darlin Sisnera Steward of Tear. The third makes Gregorin den Lushenos Steward of Illian. Whatever else happens, Cairhien, Tear and Illian must remain loyal to him.

That done, he and Min Travel to a hidden campsite about miles north of Andor, not too far from Tar Valon itself. Here Rand tells Min his plan: he means to cleanse the male half of the One Power, remove the taint from saidin forever. But before he can do that he must find and kill Dashiva, Rochaid, Gedwyn and the others who have turned against him.

Balwer has news of two titanic battles in the south: one no more than miles west of Abila at Jeramel, between the Seanchan and the unified armies of the Children of the Light and the Amadician army under King Ailron, rather unexpectedly Ailron being the most likely king on the entire subcontinent to throw his lot in with the Seanchan, just to increase his power beyond that of a figurehead. The Amadician army was wiped out and Ailron and his court captured, though the Whitecloaks managed to escape largely intact.

The second battle occurred hundreds of miles further away south and east, somewhere in Altara. A large Seanchan army was defeated and sent reeling back into Ebou Dar, but the details are still sketchy at best. Perrin is more concerned about his wife at the moment.

Winter's Heart: Nine of The Wheel of Time Audiobook by Robert Jordan

When Masema and his escorts turn up Perrin tells him they are using the Power to Travel after the Seanchan who took his wife. Masema agrees surprisingly easily and they set off. Faile, Morgase and Alliandre also meet Galina Casban.

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  • When Faile lets slip her surname is Aybara, Galina realises who her husband is and threatens to tell Sevanna if they do not help her. The three women reluctantly agree. Vandene complains about not having enough time to teach them properly and Nynaeve has a fit when Elayne suggests she help out, since Nynaeve is now being drilled for information by the Windfinders.

    There was a misreport that the rebel Aes Sedai and their army was in Andor and he meant for them to take the Seanchan in hand, but Elayne has been forced to turn the captives over to the Kin since no-one else has the time to deal with them. Under interrogation they are sure to admit the secret and collapse the entire foundation the Seanchan Empire is based upon. Remarkably, three of the damane are saying they are ready to be set free the damane usually would rather die than be let off the leash. Two of these are explainable because they are natives of the West, a Wise Woman from Falme and a noblewoman from Tanchico, but the other, Alivia, is from the Seanchan home continent and has been damane for years!

    Even more stunning, her power far outstrips that of Nynaeve and even some of the Forsaken! There are also reports of numerous sea battles between Seanchan warships and Sea Folk vessels, some won, some lost, but all that is confirmed is the vast number of Sea Folk craft now moored in Tear Harbour and off the Fingers of the Dragon. Elayne politely turns them down, knowing the consequences of letting Cairhienin troops operate on Andoran soil to her own claim for the throne.

    The Lady Dyelin Taravin arrives with almost bizarre news for Elayne: an army of Borderlanders has set up camp in Braem Wood, just north of the Andoran border. However, further discussion is curtailed when Elayne suddenly feels drowsy and realises she has been poisoned. Armed men burst in to kill her, but a guardsman holds them off long enough for help to arrive. Recovering, Elayne learns she was poisoned with forkroot The Fires of Heaven , but will make a full recovery.

    Dyelin was injured in the skirmish, but will recover with the help of Aes Sedai Healing. Doilin Mellar, the guardsman who saved Elayne, is promoted to Guardsman-Captain as a reward for his service.

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    • Egwene reciprocates, grumbling on how the Hall of the Tower is doing its best to evade her orders. She does startle Nynaeve by telling her of a powerful novice they have recruited, Sharina Melloy. When they reach advanced age, Aes Sedai will be able to voluntarily remove themselves from the Three Oaths and join the Kin.

      Elayne and Nynaeve agree with this idea. Suddenly the trio discover they are being spied upon by a strange man, who runs off when he notices them looking at him. This reminds Elayne of the news of Borderlanders in Braem Wood and she guesses that all of the Borderland rulers are with that army as well. She decides to make contact with them to find out. Chesmal, Asne, Temaile and Eldrith are lying low, waiting for Moghedien to make contact again. Asne, meanwhile, has contacted her four Warders and recruited them to her service, though only one, Powl, a Darkfriend, knows their true agenda.

      Elsewhere in Caemlyn Shiaine is basking in the glow of her increased status among the Darkfriends, even to the point of the disgraced Black Ajah member Falion being forced to serve her by Moridin following her failure in Ebou Dar. Rand opens a gateway right into a storeroom in the Royal Palace in Caemlyn and brings Min with him. He weaves a disguise around him to appear as a common serving man and gets to see Nynaeve. Nynaeve agrees to help him, but only on the condition that she and Lan go with him. Rand, very reluctantly, agrees. Is he an Olympian hero or the bad boy disaster the media says he is?

      Oldest grandson, Matt Harris, must get married and produce an heir before he turns thirty. If not, the entire family will lose their inheritance.