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Fantastic education: a study of teaching and learning in English-language fantasy fiction. Governing thresholds in Atlantic Canada's fishery systems: examining the unexpected drivers of social behaviour in the context of a rapidly changing ocean. Resolving miscommunication: cognitive predictors of children's ability to repair communicative errors. Internet-based social groups' influence on social policy in Canada: a digital ethnography.

The impact of self-compassion on self-disclosure and social support. Rethinking water governance situations: connecting new actors and external forces. Beyond academia: explaining the career pathways of PhD graduates in the social sciences. When thoughts during sex are no longer sexual: understanding the influences of body image dissatisfaction on sexual outcomes.

Governing urban food systems: food, policy and poverty in Mzuzu, Malaw i. Working hard and feeling guilty: how guilt motivates us to achieve our goals. How, where, and when ideologies matter: a network-based study of ideological conflict in social policy. The ignored consequences of obesity: how a focus on weight impacts psychological well-being.

Business for peace: mapping the governance of mining multinationals and peacebuilding in Guatemala.

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Options for integrating land use planning and environmental assessment: a case study of the Yukon, northern Canada. The nature, determinants, and consequences of safety behaviour use in social anxiety. Examining the influence of the probation officer relationship on criminal desistance. Examining perspectives of how chronic repeat offenders transition over time towards criminal desistance.

Educational experience and gender identity: listening to transgender voices on issues of representation and erasure in educational contexts across New Brunswick. Investigating coping flexibility using daily diaries and a longitudinal design: a multi-method approach to understanding context-specific coping. Indigenous researcher identity: reconciling differing spaces from an Ojibway perspective. Further investigating social self-compassion in interpersonal functioning and adaptation. Helping or hindering: interactive effects of employee accent and gender in the workplace.

Being deviant but with good reasons: antecedents and consequences of pro-social rule-breaking behaviours in the workplace. Missing factor: traumatic stress and the academic achievement gap. For whom neither spouse nor child will mourn: the postwar lives of the Canadian Army Medical Corps bluebirds. The joint influence of relationship commitment and regulatory focus on relationship goal pursuit. Operating at the nexus: the role of community organizations in preventing radicalization.

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Story-quilting: using digital stories and writing groups to share stories of Indigenous graduate students' experiences. Intellectually disabled persons and self-advocacy: the impact of law and support staff in regulated group homes in Ontario and Nova Scotia. Using ordinal skills training to improve arithmetic proficiency in young children: a web-based tutoring system intervention. Overcoming social fear: examining the role of emotion regulation in the early school adjustment of young shy children.

Does concern about another group's future lead to acceptance of their discriminatory policies. The immigrant debt service ratio: a microdata analysis of the debt load and remittance payments of Canadian immigrants.

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Cloudy with a chance of whooping cough: an analysis of digital disease tracking tools. Predictive accuracies of intimate partner violence risk assessment instruments. Erotic nationalism in Canadian visual culture from Re-tooling the sisterhood: reclaiming feminist epistemologies and technical practices through feminist tinker spaces. World Order with Chinese characteristics: the development of a Chinese school of international relations and implications for China's foreign policy.

The power of the sex talk: disrupting settler commonsense in Canadian sex education. Does communication during sexual activity benefit the sexual well-being of long-term couples. Making it mandatory: negotiating the challenges of compulsory Indigenous teacher education. Micro-level peacebuilding through religious interfaces and interchanges: the capacity of religion to connect UN military and police peacekeepers with local populations in Lebanon. Protecting marine life through the reformation of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea: envisioning what environmental law could be.

Physiological, intrapersonal, and interpersonal substrates of emotion regulation and the link to suicidality in Canadian youth. The overincarceration of Indigenous peoples in Canada: a comparative analysis of risk and decision-making in post-Gladue bail court. Unintended policies: the translation of government instruments into an experienced policy.

Under The Haze Lies The Truth Of The ROCK MUNCHER.. 2018HD

Caregiving for patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer: an examination of attachment theory in relationships with the cancer care team. State neutrality and Indigenous spirituality: the politics of prayer in contemporary Canadian governance. Preparing assessment capable teachers: examining the impact of diverse models of teacher assessment education. Emotion regulation across adolescence: individual differences and mechanisms of change.

Examining the relationship between street family affiliation, social support, and crime.

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Transracial adoption and the role of the Chinese daughter in Canadian literature: critical reflections and poetic inquiry. Navigating through grey areas: assessing the role of the accounting conceptual framework in curbing earnings management. Validating the habit implicit association test Habit IAT : an implicit measure of habit strength. The crusades as a state-building exercise under Philip II of France. Examining the evidence: studying the painting techniques of Bosch and Bruegel.

Understanding others: unravelling the mechanisms that lead to peer victimization. Locating literature in moral philosophy: reason, emotion, and the legitimacy of arguments. Knowledge mobilization in Canadian universities: exploring research impact with non-academic partners.

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Examining the pathways model of mathematics in children with an arithmetic disability. Building resilience beyond bars: intersectionality-based policy options to enable beneficial child-incarcerated parent relationships in Canada. Theory to practice: what works to meet the needs of families of children with disabilities in Bangladesh.

The role of parental assistance in the production of their children's education. Political multilingualism in Canada: linguistic dissonance in election campaign messaging. Spirituality and social justice: an interdisciplinary analysis of the culture of Canadian millennials. Public privates: measure B, pornographic sex, and the ethics of public health.

A look into how Canadian law enforcement and intelligence services use "soft power" to combat radicalization and terrorism. Ensuring courts and legislatures are effectively governing privacy in the digital age. Real revitalization: poverty, urban development, and homelessness in Edmonton. Moving beyond survival in twentieth-century Canadian post-apocalyptic science fiction.

Doing cruelty justice: history and the legitimation of violence. Balancing accounts in 21st-century Canadian economic narratives. Examining English language learners' writing proficiency levels: a hierarchical assessment framework of syntactical structures. A contextualized narrative exploration of incarcerated Indigenous women's violent crimes via traditional storytelling practices.

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